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The memories of puckering our mouth by nibbling and spitting out the pit, xi muoi is the most popular childhood street snack that every Asian kid knows. With the technique of preserving fruit in different flavors, combine with cranberry super-fruit, we create the snack that unlocks you to a new experience of “Wow“. After being handpicked, the fresh cranberries are transported to our 4K factory then are washed and dried. Next, they will be sprinkled and added special flavors with our secret formula. Every single flavor is specially selected with a perfect balance between sweet, salty, and sour. With 4K’s dried plums, you cannot stop eating for its mouthwatering and appetizing flavors. Not only preserving and promoting traditional products, 4K also researched and produced many other flavored plum products ranging from original yet delicious plum to delicate touch of licorice or lemon, ginger, kiwi, strawberry, mango, and many more options to crave. Delicious flavors are within reach