Anyone who loves Japanese culture can't ignore a very typical condiment, and especially seafood devotees. Wasabi is no longer a condiment, but it has a typical Japanese culture with a characteristic strong aroma. 1. The originWasabi is derived from a member of the Brassicaceae family, related

Cinnamon is known as a familiar spice in the life of Vietnamese people in pho dishes that bring a specific flavor to the dish. In the West, cinnamon is also used in dishes and drinks such as fruit wine, apple pie, etc. They are medicinal

Orange is a drink rich in Vitamins C, B, K and energy that helps the body to have a lot of vitality and increase the body's resistance and each "part" of the body has also been applied in life. Orange peel is one of the

Referring to Nghe, there is no Vietnamese who does not know about this spice and they appear in almost every family's kitchen, especially those in the North. Let's find out with 4K what technology can bring to life! 1. Origin:Turmeric is a herbaceous plant belonging to