4K sausage is not only a snack to sip but also combines with other dishes as a topping combined with ice cream, yogurt, oatmeal, dried fruit (trial mix), nutrition bar ( Nutrition bar) creates many new things in everyday cuisine.

  1. Soy sauce combined with cold cream (Ice Cream)

Surely it is no longer strange when cold ice cream is combined with many different toppings and soot is no exception. But with 4K soot sauce combined with many different flavors when eaten with ice cream, it will create a different

2.  Soy sauce combined with yogurt

Yogurt is a favorite food of many children, good for health with high lysine content – good for the digestive system and yogurt can also be combined with many different dishes such as cranola, soot, fruit…. 4K soot combined with yogurt as a topping will create a special flavor but still retain the familiar familiar flavor of soot when combined with yogurt.

3. Oatmeal (Oatmeal)

Oats are a healthy food and especially in a healthy lifestyle – weight control. When oats are combined with 4K house soot, it will bring you a new taste that makes “diet” no longer boring but has more interesting colors. With a variety of flavors, you can have a variety of choices for a nutritious breakfast, ready for your new day.

4. Nutrition Bar
Sausage combined with nutrition bar will be a combination you probably won’t want to miss. Salty and sour soy sauce combined with cereals in the bar will be the perfect combination to help you provide full nutrients for a long active day.

5. Dried fruit (Trial mix)
Dried fruit combined with many flavors of soot will create a lot of light feelings but also a sense of explosion in flavor. With strong-tasting fruits, it will neutralize with mild soot and vice versa. You can change different flavors to create a taste surprise.

4K soot combined with dishes together create many different flavors in your familiar everyday dishes. Let’s create new flavors with 4K in everyday dishes!

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