LEMON – A familiar spice in every family and perhaps no one is unfamiliar with green and yellow lemons. But does anyone really understand the origin and use of lemon in life. Let’s find out with 4K!

1. Origin
Lemon is a shrub, belonging to the citrus family, about 5 meters tall and has many thorns. Dwarf lemon varieties are more popular with gardeners; it can be grown in a greenhouse because it does not tolerate cold weather. The trunk rarely grows straight, but branches out from near the base.
This type of lemon can be propagated from seed, you have to pay attention that the seed needs to be kept moist before sowing because it will not germinate if it dries out. Digging up the tree to cut down the roots will help the plant tend to sprout and these shoots will be able to be grafted elsewhere. Cuttings may produce new plants, but roots will not thrive. People often graft the shoots of our lemons into citrus or sour orange species that have good tolerance and strong roots. Lemon trees prefer dry soil, not waterlogged lemons planted with seeds will bear fruit after 5 years, sometimes 15 years.

2. Application of Lemon to life:
Lemon is a familiar fruit, appearing in every family that everyone can see its most obvious use. Let’s review the uses that Lemon has brought to life with 4K!

  • Increase food flavor:
    Squeezing a little lemon into water and adding it to a delicious fish dish will eliminate the fishy smell and create a characteristic flavor.
    • Deodorant:
    If your kitchen smells bad, use a little lemon to get rid of those unpleasant odors.
  • Provide Vitamins:
    Lemons have a high content of vitamins C, K, B12 which helps the body to increase resistance, fight diseases such as colds, nosebleeds… In addition, they can help you have full energy for a new day and clear body filter.
  • Lower blood pressure:
    Both lemon juice and peel can help lower blood pressure. Squeeze some into the water before and after a walk. You will probably get more benefits. Talk to your doctor if you take blood pressure medications or other medications.