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Plum – A childhood dish of many Vietnamese people

Plum – just a word, but reminiscent of the familiar childhood taste of most Vietnamese people. Simple, popular snacks, sold in front of the school gate, are always a favorite of children at any stage.

In difficult economic times, snacks only have a few simple items such as toads, mangoes, sugar cane pins and soot. The taste is salty, slightly sour, never boring. Classes in the early afternoon, easy to cause drowsiness, students also talk about eating awkwardly as a secret to staying awake. When the characteristic sour and salty taste, with a slight spicy taste, all combine at the same time in the oral cavity to flare up the feeling of infinity at the tip of the tongue and stimulate the oral cavity to secrete enzymes, you just want to continue to eat but can’t stop.

If on that day, the betel nut was the beginning of the adult’s story, then the soot was the beginning of the story in the world of Vietnamese children. When a small package of soot is opened, it can be mounted to help bind the person sitting next to you, the person sitting in the back, and the person sitting in the front. Because at that time, the sour smell of soot also stimulates the taste buds of the friends sitting around and the students have the habit of sharing with each other, the friendship story also begins there.

Today, with economic integration, we have all kinds of snacks imported from China, Korea, and the US, but Vietnamese people still love soot. Because soy sauce never makes you bored like sweet dishes, it is simply prepared, can be eaten immediately and preserved for a long time. In addition, soot are actually berries that are simply seasoned to taste, so they are healthier than snacks, and do not cause heat in the body.

4K house curd is used from selected and dried cranberries to ensure the perfect berry flavor to bring the freshest feeling to customers. Bringing fresh, new flavors to the experience. Come with us to rediscover the taste of childhood with packets of soot (O Mai) and reminisce with friends about the old days.