Xi muoi (O Mai) is a childhood dish of many students with a sour and salty taste accompanied by stories under the tamarind tree that has become a childhood memory of the 8x and 9x generations. Let’s find out with the 4K house how the soot originated and was associated with the Vietnamese people!

1. Origin
Xi muoi, also known as O mai (in the North), is used as a medicine in Vietnam and China. Today, they are widely popular as a daily snack in the office, home, school… Especially, soot is listed in the list of “addicts” of many students with taste. sour and salty with friends “gossip”.
They are made from fruits such as: plum, lemon, tamarind, toad, peach, crocodile, filling, kumquat, star fruit, mango, jackfruit, apple, pineapple… combined with ginger, licorice, cinnamon, peel Orange. In each region and using different ingredients, it will create many different flavors of soot.

2. Xi muoi (O Mai) combines in culture and life

  • In medicine: soot is considered a remedy for colds. People also combine with honey or ginger to increase the effect of reducing them, especially when the cough is infected with cold, cold or cough due to sore throat.
  • In the culture of some Vietnamese families: soot is often present at the tea table on special occasions. A cup of tea with a piece of sour soot and the story begins.
  • In culinary: Apricots often have names that include the word “O mai” combined with the name of the main ingredients and processing methods such as: “Oi apricot with ginger”, “O mai with sour and sour plums”. sweet face”, “O Mai apple Meo”, “O mai tamarind dried licorice”… To have a distinctive color and flavor with its own style, each processing facility has its own secrets with quite a few stages. requires care and finesse.

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  • Prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs).
  • Avoid respiratory infections.
  • Anti-Inflammation.
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