Because the harvest season is in the late autumn and early winter, the typical Cranberry ingredients create the flavor and color of the dishes on the festive table at the end of the year.

Fresh cranberries have a sharp acidity and sweet taste, so they are often processed into jams and sauces before cooking. Cranberry jam is the main ingredient to create acidity for cream cakes to reduce fat. In addition, the fresh cranberry when ripe has a plump skin and a deep red color from the antioxidants inside, which is the color representing the Christmas season, so the freshest berries will be used to decorate dishes, contributing to create the color of the year-end party table. Cakes must have Cranberry such as:

  • Christmas Cake on Christmas Eve.
  • Cranberry Butter Cookies.
  • Cinnamon and Cranberry bread – suitable for people who eat clean.
  • Cranberry juice – very good for the cardiovascular system.

In addition, Cranberry sauce and Cranberry sauce are more popular because they can be used to prepare savory dishes and daily drinks such as:

  • Wine sauce – Cranberry combined with beef steak and lamb dishes: increases the sweetness and aroma of red meat, reduces sickness, and antioxidants in Cranberry also help reduce blood cholesterol when eating red meat.
  • Turkey Cranberry Sauce: a traditional New Year’s Eve dish.
  • Cranberry Sauce mix soda/vodka/cider for parties, help support digestion.
  • Cranberry sauce, after being processed at a suitable temperature and sweet with ginger, cinnamon, etc., can be used directly to fully absorb the rich nutrition of Cranberry.

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